There are three basic fuel/energy types that we service and repair, with propane and electric being the most popular.

  • Natural gas is sometimes used to power patio heaters, but not many homes have a readily available natural gas outlets outdoors. If you are building or remodeling a home, you might want to consider adding a convenient natural gas outlet if you want to power your patio heater this way.
  • Propane heaters have the advantage of warming up spaces quickly but should not be used in an enclosed area because of the risk of carbon monoxide buildup.  Breezes and strong winds can also interfere with the operation of propane powered units. If you choose propane, of course, you also have to plan ahead in order to be able to refuel the heater.

  • Electric heaters may not be as powerful as most propane heaters, but because many homes have outdoor electrical outlets readily available, it’s a convenient way to power a patio heater. Make sure that outdoor electrical outlets are adequately protected from water and moisture to eliminate electric shock dangers.  While you don’t have to worry about replenishing fuel with electrical power, some heater models may have bulbs that will require replacement.  In addition, electric heaters may be a safer option for families with small children or pets because they don’t have an open flame.